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did anyone appear in ur wb?

so far nothing for me yet.


Nobody there.

Lol I asked to be trolled if someone found it, tho, so…


we should tag each other as the next step to each other´s wbs.


Yep ima go tag you to mine


Mhm that would seem fairly ooc for little old me. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer regarding your latest Whiteboard Fox Drama :tm: sorry


lol ur not really being or seem agressive.

regarding the other thing, u never know who could comment on some random topic as wbf drama lol.


this things is a e s t h e t i c

plus its elo so its even better.


Im drawing three point perspective and lemme just say that its actually really fun to draw so far lol.


frozen by perspective.


hey at least it wasnt 5 point perspective.


Exactly where moco belongs


yeah but not the other two umu.


Yes I suppose not


not today


Ohmygod he’s only in there for our protection, isn’t he?


lol its so weird seeing some kids in my grade going as couple as crab, ´cause i mean even tho im not personally their friends i have been classmates with most of these kids since 4th-5th grade and so on and to see ppl grow up in front of ur eyes is interesting to say the least lolazo.

today is also one of my aunt´s birthday and ill prob get to eat some good pollo a la brasa which is really good and i cant wait for it uwu.


ok now time can time at a time



Happy birthday to your aunt! Also hihihihihhiihihihihiiiii!


im pretty bored rn atm lol,


i swear english class is the most stressful class ever lolazo.

im in it rn in fact