Someone45356's topped general topic as tops topped topics (gt #2)


lots of stuff oof


now that i finally looked up surreal memes, i can finally understand quite a bit of stuff i had no knowledge of before


hm i think i had enough whiteboards for today.


lol I missed the link


but the “”troll”” didn’t.


Ok I’m glad I did now

Also the troll isn’t on the other wb anymore


oh i lost the link
i have to do my homework anyways, ,


we could use one of the other types of wbs probably.


like the ones that ask u to log in, theres no way the smartypanties will get in that way.


Unless they make accounts.


right but at least we´d know who it is, or if it is one of us.


from what im seeing in whos active rn theres a couple of ppl who could be culprit.





ill go on a private wb myself and see if they can get on that one.
@tankt2016 u should try that too.


@ilovechickens, hi i saw u were on for a sec.

whats up lol.


I’ll try editing a link in somewhere and going on alone


depending on the result it can be easier to make a conclusion as to how they´re getting on.


Hewwo I was trying to click 2 the next topic but I hit reply instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯ absolutely nothing is up except for me being bored to death in school


lol ok, i thought u were gonna comment on something and i found that strange since ur never on this topic lol.