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you are 10 seconds late umu :cheese::cheese:


Not bad for all the way across the country


have these little cheese snacks for ur efforts.


Thank you for your kindness


yellow cheese has more taste than white cheese tbh.


Especially sharp cheddar


yes that stuff is good lol.

lol u should do one of those store things that everyones doing in hs app, and sell different cheeses or something lol.


also im on a peprally rn so not only did i just get all my periods on 50 minutes, rn my ears are kinda deing from all the noise lol.


ik nobody gives a crab but have this wb


okey taim for time



what the actual heck is up w/ ppl and wbs today? oof/


@Just.A.Tree u seem to be on so i shall say hihihihiihihihihih

if ur wifis working well to begin with oof.


Hihi hihi hihi
My mom took my phone away for a while lol


oh ur still on.



Lol yea I was looking for building refs on Pinterest so I decided to check here


lol i made the most ginormous doodle yet on this wb today lolazo


Oo can I see it?



Theres a lot of zoom in shots that i have to crop first.

Should i post them?


Yessss this looks really cool