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Oops I mean hihihiihhhihiihihhohihihihih




i wish i wasnt alone all the time mm

i wouldnt be so sad all the time otherwise.


i’ll do my best to astral project to you but i’m not very good at it yet


i dreamt that i was with an irl @Just.A.Tree, they had twin tails for the hair style but surprisingly enough i could not see their face no matter how hard i tried.

this tree even made some art that looked like tree´s but in actuality one that i´ve never seen before lol.


the dream itself was something about summoning spirits or something using eggs i think?


oh yeah and also, i walked home from school with my dog in this dream like 2 minutes earlier than the bell, and i think i lost my dog on the way bc too many kids were blocking my way as the poor doggo just kept going oof.

and my mom´s house was also a mansion, a very confusing one and especially dark even at day time lol.


and my cousin´s voice went from 1 to 1000 in terms of maturity lol.


people think my dreams arent weird but when i go and describe them ppl think im high lolazo.

my dreams are always high, no exception.


i found the idea of minecraft mobs as humans so i drew these
mcskeleton (you cannot tell which gender bc skeletons alone cant do that lol)

baby zombie jockey

and yea they´re technically human already, but i wanted to use ones that havent been used yet lol. and yes i could´ve made the chicken a human too, but they´re not a mob so yeah lol.


Yesss they’re amazing
Idk how you do this on a whiteboard? Incredible
Also the chicken looks great :+1:


lol i always see u and ur sister struggle on wb, and so far i haven´t really known why.

so yeah lol whats the problem with wbf in your opinion?


I have some free time to wb rn if you wantttt


I just don’t like drawing on something w/out layers/where you can’t change the brush size :pp


oh yeah lol i get that,

what i do is whenever i wanna get more detail on a drawing is zoom out, and the thicker lines i just go over normal lines until they look bigger lol.

layers is problematic, but then again thereś only like 7 colors so its not like u could do that much oof.


lol here ya go


and have this random slice of cheese.


I came running