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here comes the anxiety, i read that whole thing oof.


good thing its old but i thought i understood what it all meant back when i first read it,

apparently not so much huh.

its funny just how on top of the nose it all was, i legit thought tv was talking to herself then.

or maybe i overlooked it on purpose to not lose my sanity right there and then lolazo, which is probably it.


oh and by the way, im not even mad lol, the anxiety already passed thankfully but dang i could only imagine my reactions had i realized back then.


Yeah that was a interesting time oof


I hate 8th graders because my sister is one and her and her friends think it’s cool to vape -it’s not cool, I was never into these kind of stuff what does this mean


Do any of you have a show recommendation I think I’ve watched everything already


I ha.te people who think that is cool to destroy your lungs


hm you wouldn’t like 95% of my school




I don’t think anyone in my grade does drùgs but I know ppl do in high school
It was so dumm tho my class, for our yearbook group pic, my grade told everyone to do the juul sign bc haha so cool funny. I didn’t know what it was lol and I guess neither did the adults so yep they took the picture


I just finished the end of the f***king world and it was rlly good imo


I just finished Shameless and Parenthood and now I think I’ve watched everything on netflix


The Hobbit
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
I’m probably naming things you’ve already watched
Why’s my cat snoring


I barely watch shows I think the only shows I’ve finished were stranger things, teotfw, and she-ra.


Eh I never liked stranger things I’m more into comedy


My sisters grade is all into tiktok and other gross stuff she embarrasses me


My grades into dead memes and the kardashians

imma post the wb here bc i still have hope in humanity


idk what this is but i 1/2 made it and yeah.


hihihihihihihihihihhi so yep.