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Heck yeah good luck


@Grizzlyzoe yeah lol i failed


No lol I like itttttt


that’s really nice! can i suggest some changes to make it look more like my style?


i know my art is bad anyways eh.


your version of my style looks better than the original tbh


if theres proportions stuff that needs to be fixed, ill fix it bc i cant live in peace otherwise.

the brows were smaller bc its cuter that way.


bad??? i’d never call your art bad. it’s great


but eh, not only can i not do that well, it turns out worse as a result so its not just bad, its bad bad.


the proportions are good,
small brows look cute, i think i should draw them more often


no they are not, u fixed it w/ ur version, my art is just dumm.


i just tried to make it look more like my style, which isn’t proportional at all.


neither is mine tho, so idk where ur getting at.


i just think your proportions look better,

ok i’ll leave before i make everything worse…


ugh its fine, i needa stop being like this anyways.

im going to pe in 3 minutes and idk if we´re getting our chromebooks but if not then oof.



ok so we did get out chromebook.

happy times.





now moving on.