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It was like TF’s relationship and I, we kinda hit it off


at least it was only for a few days, imagine if u guys had spent the same amount of time we had being friends oof.


That would have broke me so badly


if thatd happen to me id have been in the :face_with_raised_eyebrow: stuck with that face for a long while and then never trust a single other person ever again lol.


I’d probably would have just left here lol


The one person who helped me get over it was Fizzy, she had a similar experience and that’s why were so close friends today


lol sometimes i feel like i take my friendships for granted, like i get real nice comments from tree all the time when im sad and i just put them aside oof.

at least im kinda aware of it now, i need to be more so that i can remember to not be like that on the moment lol.


also i have no idea who the person im talkin to is, but they’re good at drawing and we’ve been yes no battling for a while now on a hs kiddy wb lol.

its oofhello wb i think?


Identifying your flaws can help you overcome them, you’ve become better at not getting so mad about little things and you’ve just improved yourself a lot by identifying and working on it. It shows commitment and that you really do want to keep us as friends


and not even that but in general i fear that my actions towards u guys will also happen irl too, which is why im also putting an even bigger effort into stopping it lol.


lol my reps done for that school, i needa change schools if i ever wanna have a shot, but u know what at least i can take school easier w/o anyone else for me to be worrying about and stuff constantly lol.


Ha yeah, you’ve got us for now I guess.


Dude that is epic. Especially since you made it on hopscotch lol I couldn’t even hope to make it off hopscotch
And it got stuck in the filter because of the word s.uck :////
I’m pretty sure that the @hopscotch-curators could get it out tho


i spent a lot of time working on it lol. idk if they´d want to tho. and/or if they even can, ´cause i think only ana can.


Yeah it looks like u did by how good it is hhh
I’m looking at some old hopscotch curators posts and I’m pretty sure they can take projects out of the filter


nah its not that good tho, u could prob do better.


I could??? Pfft I couldn’t get close to that, I have no idea how shading works and I can’t do realism lol. It’s really good it basically looks real tbh.


hihihihhihihiihhi and


ayy wasasasasasasasaup?


i tried @BlackSeal ´s style (and promptly failed)
im up for a challenge ill try grizzlyzoe´s next.