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Really Chibi, like Fizzys but chibi


She was super weird too


i always heard of her from u but u never really went very deep into what she did, so yeah what kind of stuff did she do?


Oh boy where do i start


it would only take me 7 minutes to type every single country, and yet here u are taking double the amount to describing ms kawaii roses lol.


can u make ur things into paragraphs?


Sure like space each thing out a little?


space, bc its hard to read when its all compacted into one space lol.


what was the avifor art like,and what was that last comic they made about?


No the comic about mur.dering me, she admitted she made the comic cause it was on a different account, but she just used my character with some weird invert colors and drew a lot of stuff

Avifors was actually good, it had a cute style. She ended up deleting the account so I couldn’t find it for you. It was kinda like hakkuu’s but more Fizzy like


have you ever asked kawaiiroses why shed do the bulling her friends or making new accs thing? i feel like it might have been better to try and understand why she was doing all that first then to see her as completely deminted from the start oof.


She’s gone now, we don’t know where she went. Fizzy and I tried friending her on roblox but she might have declined. I would totally have asked but we haven’t given the chance to


what are pattying tricks lol.


Just making new accounts and remixing and liking your projects is what she used, but there’s a lot more better ways to do it


and also when did this all take place lol.


Between the summer and early September

She left September 9th


what was the thing that impacted u the most throughout the whole event?


That she betrayed me as Avifors. I was so upset, it was 4 in the morning when it happened


how close were u with her when she was avifors?


We talked for a few days and we were pretty close, I convinced her to get a forum account on the 9th