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I bet it got stuck in the filter, because I don’t see it.


The word su.cks is blocked


ok so thats how the system thing works.

once its stuck it aint ever coming back is it?


You can ask Ana to unblock it cause she’s #awesome




im gonna use this emoji a bit more often now.


not too much or too little

just a bit


Ok lol

You should make a post asking her bout it

Also can I have the link to the project?


im not too savvy on filtering at all so i dont know why i should even waste my time to give u the link for the thing lol.


I wanna try something to see if I can like it

Idk whyd ud want to like my garbage art but ok.


There you go. 2 likes


Cause I feel bad it got t stuck in the filter, it’s good anyways


fizzy’s style on hs app is interesting, i can be much more messy with my work and still get away with it looking accurate lol.


Wait how is it interesting


im a fan of messing around with styles, so i always take into account the characteristics of them and then i can shape them into whatever way i can when i can master them.


I was playing around with a old hooscocters style called KawaiiRøses, she was mean and it turns out her style was so easy, cause I got Fizzy and 3others to believe it was her just by drawing on thing


a lot of hsers have really easy styles so i tend not to rlly pay attention to that,

ppl like gren fizzy or u have much more interesting ones, sometimes i practice on wbs trying to draw tv lol and i draw finn pretty often lol.


lol what kind of style did their thing resemble?


My style for tv is so simple it’s only easy for me to get even close to it