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I do but i want better tools for it


some ppl dont even use digital to animate, they use notebooks and create page flip animations meanwhile you’re still complaining lol.

page flip animation doesnt sound too bad for u actually.


Then the best option would be the surface pro

It has a touch screen, can be used as a mobile device, can be rotated almost 350 degrees and it works with some sort of Microsoft pen.

The only problem with that, though, is cost. In Costco, it costs around $1k!


Ok I’m getting moody for no reason cause of this and i should go before i snap somebody’s head off


yeah i get that, sorry oof.

hope you unmoody urself soon.


i’d like to be an animator for some reason


@ItzMya, my art is bad tho what r u getting all angry about?


Because it is really good and it makes me upset when u don’t accept a compliment that is 100% true


theres nothing good about my art how could there be a compliment that is “true”


Because you have improved a lot and your art is amazing. And that’s true because everyone thinks so. I’m not mad at you I just think it’s unfair for you to feel bad about your art when there’s nothing to feel bad about.


i think its fair to say that my art has stagnated a while back now, and along with that its clear that ppl dont like my style be it here on the app or insta or wherever, i feel like im just a useless extra if anything.


Wut I love your stylw


That’s not true because I’ve seen your older art and those were even rlly good and ur only getting better. People here love your art and on the app. Insta is much bigger so if ur not getting the attention U deserve on there, just bc it’s harder to get noticed on there. You’re not useless bc your whole presence here is appreciated, your art and just u in general.


Funny u should say that, the piece on the right had been on for 2 hours and nobody even blinked an eye upon it. I spent so much time on it and its all for naught.

Shiz like that make me think that ppl dont actually like my work u know? They do it out of pity or something,


I even make a response yet,


I know why tho, my arts socked so bad all along ppl just try to play along to not make me feel bad or something.


Not true


ok then, what is true then?


That your style is amazing, you’re excellent at shading, and line art, and coloring


im guessing that project prob got stuck in filter or something? it cant just be that literally everyone there is just playing a big fat prank on me or something.