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Do you know what onioning is


something about layers im assuming?


No not really


lol u could’ve explained what it is along with it on the same post but ok lol.



ahh just looked it up, i see what u mean.

but in that case cant u just use opacity on layers to recreate it then?




Yeah but I’d like a thing where i can see the animation while making it like flipaclip


Maybe you can use an art pad on your iPad and then transfer the finished pieces to your phone?


theres this app called imgplay which can pretty much be used to make short image gifs and whatnot.

you can use the frame layers u were using and put it to imgplay and see the animation that way.


That moment when you try to leave the Forum but you have to keep up with latest to stay Regular

That’s me right now.


Is that availible on pc?


lol but if youre leaving, then why should being regular matter? lol.


Leave as in for now .


lol ok then,


That’s what i did for my animation i did. But that was only 6 frames, if i wanted to make a not choppy one it wouldn’t be the best cause I’d need like 24 frames

I don’t think you guys get how hard it actually is to animate


lol you’re talking as if i havent animated stuff before.


I see but having to constantly upload and download images for that and put them in is tiring


It takes a few weeks to a few months to produce one animation I understand


question, do you actually wanna animate, or do you not? lol