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hhh that’s so weird
they might not tho bc u wouldn’t be in the same bunk bc ur a grade older? Idk


Yeah I went a few years ago
Um 3 of my cousins actually went this summer but they’re all in 10th grade now?? Maybe ur friends know them


I have two friends who went for the past two summers ?? So maybe ? sksjhdjsjd its all just so wild




Jeez this is crazy let me know when ur on and I’ll just say their names real quick??


I’m with my friend Lea rn who went and I just asked her and she said she didn’t know them lol :p


Lol they might know my other cousin but probably not


Random: I see a graphing calculator :smiley:


You take Hebrew? Awesome! I would love to learn it, but I think I’ll just stick to Spanish for now.


Pfft thanks I’m not that good at it tho
I plan on probably taking Spanish when I get into high school UwU
that or sign language


I’ve been waiting all day to get home to watch this and I am not disappointed


Dat cat got mooooooves


Haha I remember last year in the beginning of 8th grade my friends and I learned sign language because we were obsessed with Switched At Birth


I just fell asleep with an open pen in my hand and oh no



hellolololollololollolool there.




who wins in cuteness?

yang or trixie?


Idk they’re both cute!


but if you had to pick, which one would it be?


Probably Trixie.