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i want an actual non-ambiguous place, so people can’t debate over it.


or russia
but i don’t think many people live in the mountains that separate europe and asia


if i live in russia id live near the northern part of mongolia or kazahkstan

but that’s asian russia tho lol.


are there any places you’d like to visit?
i’d like to see new zealand and canada for some reason




probably those that i mentioned before, and/or maybe like northern africa if i feel up for a challenge or like italy because why not lol.


Talking to this one kid in my History class is so freaking F UN


He can keep a convo going for like 7 hours and all we talked about was how we’d make a half perfect society


And he wasn’t even done by the time the bell rang

We also ended up switching to talking about his old school system in Pennsylvania


lol what is thy purpose of this information for?


Idk just bored

My teacher found something more fun than kahoot ironically for Spanish, it’s really fun


its a shame you dont have a chromebook or like a pc, id be recommending you all kinds of flash games left right and center lol.

but apart from that im a bit moody, but im so far succeding at that not showing it here at all.

4 more minutes and i get to go home lol lets goooo.


ok brb in 15 minutes.


Yeah, I really want a computer…

Ok I’ll be in lunch in a few


עברית יותר? אני לא ידע הדבר יותר
Doesn’t that mean extra I’m confused


I thought it could be used as more lol my Hebrew is garbage tho so


Ok great I’m going to Florida with my friend in 2 weeks


Mine too I’m having an ivris midterm and I’m failing that subject already


Here’s the schedule I’m not ready


I don’t think I’m going to have an ivrit midterm lol my ivrit class is pretty chill except if you’re late you’ll get publicly executed