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Yea sometimes i type something in then don’t check back to it if there’s a typo or smthg


phones are like the most phony when it comes to getting good spelling.



we dont listen to fanfiction authors, especially when that author is the official author of the book.


oh for a second i thought u misspelled asking lol.


daily awwapp


I only read em ok i aint got no time for writing those

Like u need creativity for that i would never think of voldermort×Elsa look how original this is #respect for whoever wrote em ok


Would it be a fanfic if it was written by the author of the original series?


did u even read what i meant by the especially part?



Hey! @Someone45356 I love your drawings


lol thanks,

what brings you here to my topic topped by topped topic?


to anyone else







I have come here for two reasons
One is to apologize for being obnoxious, I definitely did push that too far lol
And Two is to hihihihihihihihihihihihihihih

Feel free to ignore this if you want tho


nahh its fine, tho tbf u might as well just been a troll at that point, i couldn’t reason with you no matter what.


Yeah i guess
sometimes I don’t know what’s taking it too far with different people
But yeah I feel bad


but its like i even left the awwapp all sad and everything,

i come back a few minutes later and all i see is u spaming “dodododo” or whatever, and it made me feel worse.


The sky
Or the ceiling
Depends on where you are