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Sry, Like in a chrysalis lol


I’m not sure about the design as an adult tho


what kind of approach are you going with this creature?

is it like a herbivore/carnivore/scavenger/other?

is it meant to look cute or is it supposed to look scary?

what would be two words to describe your creature?

ask questions like that if you wanna be able to see how u can make ur thing better.


Thanks for helping lol
This time I’m actually gonna make a decent story and I want to use these creatures.
Maybe I should ask the art topic what to name it bc I have zero ideas


anyways im just bored rn lol.


You’re good my dude
I get I was being kinda weird so I just stopped
You’re not dumm uwu


Ok good, your sudden departure kinda worried me for a bit too so yeah.

Its all fine now ig tho lol


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Im not lesbian im canadian


Haha I saw that edit from the dumbledore reference to the current post


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Lol i read that as you axing yes 3 times


Some people can be more than one religion


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I meant saying lol


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