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Oh cool! I like old stuff to. Chicha is a type of Spanish music, isn’t it?
Have you ever tried listening to metal?


i like classic metal, like from the 80s, and probably like the not so heavy metals as well.


Oh sweet! So that includes stuff like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath answered mays Judas Priest yeah? That’s pretty cool!
You might like Eluvietie or nightwish then, if you ever feel like checking them out. Maybe amorphis too. “The bee” (by amorphis) isn’t a bad one to start with


i’ve heard some of their songs bc 80s music, and they’re pretty good.

i also like nirvana too lol.

tho i guess they are grunge rock which is different but still…


Haha yes nirvana is good. They are grunge but ehh it’s similarish.
Do you like the foo fighters then? Cuz I mean Dave was in both so it kinda makes sense for me to ask I guess


also if you wanna listen to chicha here is a playlist thing:


the pretender is a pretty good song.


Yeah it is.

I’ll listen to the chicha in a while when I get to Fea’s house. I’m still in school haha.


wait what timezone ur at? its like 7:24 where im at looool.


That and the best of you are my two favorite foo fighters songs hhh


I’m on the west coast haha.
Me and fearless are staying back because Fea has to make up a test or two and I need to wait for Fea’s mom for a ride to their house.


Yessss those are amazing songs.



Here’s some incomprehensible cc on l e g s if u want?

My handwriting is bad and I can’t communicate thoughts. Also I can’t draw legs either so take this w/ a grain of salt. Experience has taught me no matter how u draw legs it’s gonna look weird because they’re just weird and the second worst thing after hands which I couldn’t give u cc on because I realized I can’t draw hands

Anyway I really like your art bc you have great expressions and movement in your art, also it’s all shaded so nicely, you are the master of shading, and il how you use more muted colors in your art everything you draw just looks overall so nice?


lol i dont draw hands to make them perfect,

what i want is to be able to draw them in one stroke or less, and ofc they’re gonna look bad if i only used them for so little pieces.

and then the rest of the thing u made is kinda hard to understand… so yeah.


like i can see what it is, i zoomed in after clicking on it, but like the content of the cc is kinda vague if u get what im saying?


i will say this tho,

my art is garbage and it sokcs as much as i do. i dont ever expect to get good at art no matter how much i practice so yeah.


Makes sense yeah sorry being vague is a talent of mine oof


Implying you aren’t already good at art? Anyway “good” is relative, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be good, and your art is very very good bc it Looks Nice™️


but it does have a marketable and appeal value to those around me and anyone that would like to buy my products when that time comes, and i assure you that my art is complete garbage trash.


even if that was the case, i still will be believe that every person on this planet can make better art than a pathetic looser like me.