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Hehe yeah kinda. Sorry. I just kinda like to know what a person is really like before deciding what I think about them.


No I don’t think it would.

You are actually a pretty nice guy from what I’ve seen, for what that’s worth


what i can say, is that im not very good at talking to others since my mind get blurry by negative thoughts all the time and even just in general.


sometimes bc of that i feel like i was born unable to have friends…


but that’s already getting too moody for my own health, and if im gonna do anything im not gonna do it here.


I know a lot of people that aren’t good at talking that are kinda like that.
It’s okay.


Wait what?

Okay maybe we should talk about something more… happyish


yeah maybe lol,

i get super unstable sometimes, i’m starting to see a pattern which is the fact that i always sleep late…

anyways, uhh ill ask like some very simple questions ig. what is thy’s favorite color?


Oh off yeah I get that.

I like Green a lot. And red. What about you?


i enjoy any color in the warm spectrum, that much is visible if you’ve seen my art lol.

whats your favorite food?


Haha yeah I’ve seen that.
You use a lot of purple too

Hmm idk, I like mac n cheese I guess. Ice cream too, but I don’t be think that’s considered “food”
What about You?


Yogurt is good


as tankt said, yogurt is pretty amazing as a food. tho if u meant like an actual food id say something like uhh idk lol.

whats ur favorite animal?


Snakes. Dragons are pretty sic too.
Phoenixes and panthers too I guess cuz I’m used to seeing drawings of them everywhere haha.

Yours is a penguin, right? What species?


Oh yeah dragons are a w e s o m e


it is a pinguino, aka i have no idea lolazo.


Haha lol okay.

What’s your favorite video game? (If you play video games)


i really like watch dogs, just amazing game to mess around,

then probably like pvz gw2 if you ever heard that, its like the only game i play nowadays lol.


Haha yesss I love watchdogs. It is pretty sic to just go and mess around with people

Oh yeah I’ve heard of it. I haven’t played it tho. That’s cool.

What are your favorite bands/music genres etc?


i like old music and chicha quite a bit, not into alternate or pop or rap at all tho, but anything else is pretty good imo