Someone45356's topped general topic as tops topped topics (gt #2)



ok so uhhh thing and thing and stuff.

no need to be as formal since ppl dont come here for that so ok lol


to anyone that comes over,

i shall say hihihihihihihiihhihi also technically this is also first post so yes.


So I was gonna delete my post at 9999 so whoever tried to post would get 9999 but somehow I ended up with 9999


what was that thing about 100 more posts than the max about?


I have no idea,


Hello to the new topic and good bye cause I gtg home
I’m doing such a great job of making myself take a break aren’t I lol


oof at least you’re doing better than me and thats good lol.


yeah lol then why’d you post it then? lol,


Uh well it showed up as 10100 something for me


How long do you guys think this one will last?


That includes deleted posts.


probably not that long considering how chatty chat we are lol.


its showing up as 10178 for me lol.




Yeah lol.
And how you guys kept blowing up the last topic chatting for five hours straight (I think). :sweat_smile:


yeah we talk for very longs amount of time.


So the other topic got knocked down by System


yeah 'cause it got filled up, but

saludos a vos.


Mañana me dan las notas


oooh ahora vamos a ver que sucedera sobre todas esas quejas que me dabas previamente lol.