Someone wrote a book about Hopscotch!



So, I was in my school Library and I found this book!

Congrats @liza @Rodrigo @meg @alish!



This is a very good way of getting children into coding.
I really wish I could read it.


Cool! I think I saw the same book in this topic, right? :D


Whoops! I diddnt see that!


I saw one on the kindle store once.


Hopscotch has come so far, I am so proud of THT for this.


And Scratch has a bunch of guides for them.

Well we have a guide to so take that Scratch!

Scratch is still good though


At e book fair at my school I think there's a book about scratch


Wow! This is very exciting!
@Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @Montoya @asha @thomas @awesomeonion @alish @Ian


Are those the members of THT?


Yes xD


that's so cool! I want a copy :slight_smile:



That is really cool!
Congrats THT!


Hello everyone! Does anyone want to do a collab?


You do? xD
I think it uses the old (and better) editor...