Someone want to be part of my coding team?


I'm PeppyArcher on Hopscotch, and I was looking for some people, specifically 3-5 of them, to be part of my coding team! Please reply to this with @iLikeChocolate if you want to possibly join! Thanks!

~CLOSED~ Sorry! This is closed!
Join my coding team! UPDATED!

I might like to join @iLikeChocolate


@iLikeChocolate :slightly_smiling:
I would be willing to join :wink::yum::joy:


I would love to join the team! @iLikeChocolate my user is Sugarcodes!


:smiley: Thanks! I'm going to wait for more people to enter(Just so others can get a chance!)


:smiley: I am so happy! I am going to wait so that others can have a chance though!


:smiley: Great! I am going to wait for others to get a chance though! I so glad!