Someone stole my project! I'm flipping out lol


And they had the NERVE to like the original! Agh! They didn't even give credit!(╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . )
I'm so mad right now!


On the bright side, i just finished Black Butler(an anime)/Kuroshitsuji. So yah, you can talk to me about the FIRST season.


Wow that is really rude of that person. You should email the team about this sad thing. Sorry for that!


Well, look at this.

What the actual frock?


Thank you for you concern,..


That was really mean... want me to go yell at them?


Urgh! I hate when that happens! People are always using my ideas, and it's a little annoying


Let's do it together! Ahhahahahahhahaha ahahhahahaha


That's so annoying, I hate when that happens. D:

Report the project and hope it doesn't happen again, I guess XD


I hope they take it down!


Yah lol! I forgot you could XD


Me too!


Nuu I accidentally reported them for personal info! Nuuuuu


Ish ok. I've done that before too!


I want to tag Liza but.. Ah whateves.


Yes, I don't like it when that really irritates me (‡▼益▼)


Sammme! You watch Black Butler?


I know how it's feels >///<
It's happened to me twice (I actually cried the first time that was in August)
I even made a topic

(Oh you will need to scroll up to see the first post btw)




That happened to me before .~.

I'm sorry that this is happening to you, I'm gonna tell them to stop and then report.


Thank you! I was half expecting someone to say "you should my make a topic about this" but nope! You guys are so nice!