Someone said this about Lgbt


I don't want to be a snitch or anything but @kiwicute/016 @PopTart0219 @buildasnowman I went to this guys profile and saw this:


Really? I would check again.


He said that in his profile I know he did


@kiwicute2016 he did that because he knew I told on him, he doesn't mean it I bet...
(He knows Rawrbear in real life


I changed it 2 minutes ago. :stuck_out_tongue:







What's awkward is that I know him IRL... :grin:


I think it is bad to say that on your profile page. But plz don't bring illuminati and Trump into it, K?:wink:


Oh btw that was because of @Rawrbear's suspension...

And what if I said "I honestly am not a fan of LGBT"?

Also, I have a two things to say about LGBT and this forum:
1: It's not a big deal. You guys make a big fuss about it(I will edit this if you want but I will only make it sound nicer). I mean @LGBT.Coder didn't post all LGBT, she did do some other stuff.
2: No one is right about LGBT. Opinions will always be opinions.

And is that a bad thing?


No I dunno why I said that


Well said @MobCraft :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
We all have our opinions, he could have just said it nicer, like "I don support LGBT if your wondering."


LGBT don't make a big fuss about it, people go into their topics and just have to say "I don't like what you guys are doing!" And they defend the topic. If someone went into your topic and said "I don't like what your doing, it doesn't belong on the forum!" Wouldn't you stand up for yourself?

Regardless, opinions will always be opinions. But some opinions aren't wanted


Still that can cause flames when you defend because that just invites the other person to attack again.


Maybe you should tell those people who initiate it to stop instead of LGBT then :wink:


Well it's both sides' fault for engaging in fighting.

Ex say you punch a bully and get in a fight. Both people are blamed.


It's still self defense

How about from now on, people who are anti LGBT stay away from pro LGBT? Isn't that how it works?


I told danyangjr not to do that at least 5 times at lunch :\


That sounds bias in my opinion.


I think Rawrbear was mad when he got suspended because he couldn't express his opinion.

Just respect each other's opinions


Wait rawrbear got suspended :00