Someone’s logging me out!


I was logged out ten minutes ago, a few minutes ago, and just now! It’s not my brother. I’m thinking hacker. Help!
Edit: My brother logged me out just now…but what about the two other times?


It was your brother just now. But I don’t know the last few times!


It happened again!!!


Are there any people that don’t like you? It’s motive…I have none


Want the AHA to investigate? I’ll summon them if you want to.


What is the AHA? Is it like a group of Forumers that find hackers?


‘Anti Hacker Association’


Welcome back.


I think tankt’s xse, thoughts?


Definitely not. I know tankt2016 and she would not do that. (I was part of tankt for a year or so)


Game coding crazy is also xse, 5oughts?


What is 5oughts? And I am not.


Have you tried to change your password?


No, but it hasn’t happened again. I think it just might’ve been a glitch or something. I hope.


also you could always reset your password from Preferences