Someone remixed my project saying mean stuff, what do I do?



Someone named I Am A NOOOOB remixed my Run project deleting everything except the credits, and said "CHEATER!!!" In the text. I remixed it saying "what do you mean?", and he/she responded saying "YOU LIED...(Check the code of this text)" so, obviously I checked the code of the text, and it came up with...

I reported it, do you know what else I should do? It was a joke, but a mean one. The link:


I think reporting it is enough, do not reply to anything they said and it should stop.
If they continue to remix your projects saying mean/rude stuff, I would suggest emailing the hopscotch team, or if you can't, simply ignore it again. XD


I can't email the Hopscotch team. :D

But I'll take your advice. :D




Just report it.

If it keeps happening, just keep reporting their projects and eventually maybe THT will ban them.


This has happened to me before. Just ignore until gets worse


Ok, that is mean! It's good that you reported that. I would recommend telling the hopscotch team. That happened to me.