Someone on hopscotch died


I don't know if you knew who they were, but two weeks ago, someone on Hopscotch was brought to the doctor so they could live their last few minutes of life.
They had cancer and I think the doctors couldn't do anything about this one, so he was given two more weeks to live. He thought it was five, but it was two. He's been taken out of our world already and there's nothing we can tell him now. He was SaucyHotDog. Not a lot of recognition like Mi, but he will be missed :sob::sob:
RIP Caleb
Please contact his cousin. His cousin's username is on his account, you may talk to his cousin in that account.


Here's the project


Thats so sad ;-;

I have no likes left ;-;


Hey there is a topic already like this !


It's sad.

There really needs to be a cure for cancer


This video contains some theories for treating cancer and genetic engineering :slight_smile:


It was a tumor I think


Yesh. Cancer is quite bad ;-;


His last like was on my project. :0
The feels ;-;


That's sad.

Someone else's made a topic like this tho, and it was closed. We don't need to spread negativity and scare kids.


I'm not spreading negativity or trying to scare anyone, that is rude.


I'm not being rude, it's just that this can scare kids.

I don't know the exact topic name.

Plus, some people might not believe his story or be scared.

Ask the leaders.


That's really sad I once went to an art club and was a quiet lone.r for 10 weeks then on the last day before the Christmas break I started making friends simply by throwing a snowball at this kid in the. Luv whilst waiting for the tutor suddenly for the first time I had friends then I never saw them again coz my lovely art teacher died of a brain tumour .... It's sad when these things happen



Wasn't a topic like this closed already?


Look, I didn't know there was a topic already. Calm down. If this bothers you, then mute the topic.


Look, I'm not yelling, being mean, or uncalm.

I'm literally just telling you that this isn't really a a great topic.

I know you didn't know, that's why I told you.

I can mute it, but kids will still be scared.



Five year old kids wouldn't be on the forums
Everyone here is mature enough to know that someone died lol


Okay whatever


I'm glad we handled this argument better than I thought we would :blush:


Me too. I'm not a fan of flame wars. We can let the leaders handle this if needed.