Someone made a inappropriate topic


really bad someone name something really bad just posted something


Report their project and email THT if nessesary, I just did that a minute ago


I saw that (don't draw attention :wink:)


?????????????? what this is pretty bad idk how to email tht


I changed the title of it and I flagged it.


Email them @
Their you go!


Well, I sudgested reporting it, just report it, I only emailed THT because the user didn't have a project :wink:


Just report the project and move on. We shouldnt bring much attention to the problem when it is just something you can simply report or email about.


It was a topic, I am pretty sure @SmileyAlyssa. :wink:


Oh. In that case, instead of reporting just flag!


It is REALLY bad :grin:...


Well..... ok.. then. I would never blame her!


lol no its not me. @Stick88 just flag it! :thumbsup:


Yeah, calm, deep breaths, when you report it gets taken of your device and THT gets notified


Please don't say stuff repetitive, it will make the forums less clogged! The mods already got the message of this person.




Lol now these topics come like everyday.