I'm being threatened for my Adre3$$ In hopscotch please help


This is bad. You need to help.


Just flag the project and move on.
@ThePickle just beat me to the post.


The project should be removed from Hopscotch. I'm on a computer, so you can't give me a link so I can report it.


Tell me the projects name so I can report it


Just edited the title so people can see what you are saying.


I can't click on the project!! Help D:


Flag the project and forget them


I'm home alone what do I do?!?


Just flag and forget they are trolls they just want to scare you


Don't worry you're safe


Are u sure clause I'm scared


Yeah I'm sure. They can't track you down from hopscotch. What's the name of the project?


Ok thanks very much c;


Gary will protect you


It's deleted now a admin got rid of it


You did the right thing by asking for help! Can you email us the persons's username?


Omg it's Liza


Whatever you do, don't give it to them! Flag the project and email THT.


I tagged @Liza.