Someone help with my games



I am planning to make My Nights At Parrot's. But I need help. On my channel, gamergirlofgamers, you can see a website I made about it and you can go through it and help me. I would like whoever made Five Nights At Smilie's to help me at least with how to code it. I will give you credit. Afterwards, I might want help with another game called The Popper.


@Joewheels2 made five nights at smileys


Do you have a account that isn't your main one?


You can just remix @Hoppertoscotch's project and she can remix it as her own! :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


Yes. But it is a collab account based off a club, but we could still use it if you'd like!


Any profile will work, don't worry I won't delete anything


I do onto others as I want them to do onto me


@Joewheels2 reply to prove you are on forum with your iPad. I will post user and pass then after 15 seconds (plenty of time to take screenshot) I will delete the post.


I am on time is 2:01


@Joewheels2 keep note I am 1 hour ahead in time


Okay waiting for login


@Joewheels2 sorry. Are you still ready?


Yeah if I don't reaply after three minuets wait until 4:30 or somewhere around it


Okay I'm on, (20202020)