Someone help me i'm very confused


GUYS???? WHATS GOING ON?????? Alright, so I'm on spring break, and for the past day I haven't had WiFi. I finally got le WiFi, I immediately go on the forums (basically my life) and I HAVE LIKE 47 NOTIFICATIONS???? There's a topic talking about me, I've gotten likes from Liza, and IM VERY CONFUSED. Please help me.


I think you have a very good cause and people want to help you!

I totally support you and what you do. Keep at it!


There was a topic talking about people stop telling @LGBT.Coder to stop making projects about LGBT (which is totally fine to do!) and how you should respect LGBT members of the community :slight_smile: I support all that you do in the community, keep it up!


Thank you. I was literally so confused.


Read what I said... NOT I am so sorry I am a jer.k