Someone hacked me! im doing this fast!


I keep getting logged out so I'm hurrying. A hacker hacked me and posted like three posts and I'm not kidding!!! I'm scared!!! I'll post more bc this needs to be posted before I get logged out


Wait what!

Do you know who!

Pictures please!

Don't be scared because we got you!

We family!



Please help quickly!


Oh no!:frowning:

Send an email to THT and put pictures of what's going on on the forum and maybe we could sort it out!:slight_smile:


Can I possibly have the username and password on the accoun, I redo smolder hopscotch, you can delete the username and pass once I liek the post, I can take care of this nicely first, and then if that doesn't work, I shall do it the "not so nicely" way


Sorry, my iPad isn't fast enough to keep up with how fast I type :sweat_smile:
Can I have the username and pass to the account that was hacked?
OH ur forum account was hacked, then we need mods to sort this out @mods


Hey, I just noticed on HS, friendship2468 wanted to talk to you... She aksed anyone to please tell you. Project was gone when I last checked tho. Must have deleted it


I have to worry about mean hackers later. I have a math test study guide in chores. I'm going to bed soon.


Who's friendship? Is it Potter Introductions?


Yeah, the project showed up in my following.






No, I have absolutely no idea. She just said she REALLY needed to talk to you about something on the forum and a hacker


it sounds like she hacked me. Ooooo I'm so mad at the hacker :rage:


Idk think so it didn't sound like it

Except I kinda forgot what it said now it was like a whole 10 min ago


Were any posts made? If not, you r account could have just glitches and logged you out. Also, some random topics go on watching. It's a bug.


No one is logging into your account other than your ip.


Huh...@Gracefullcing1 are you using a school iPad? That's pretty much the only way for this to be possible.


You shouldn't be communicating with her.


I wasn't . The last time we did was legit a month ago when we weren't on hopscotch when i quit.