Someone got my email, and it isn’t hopscotch


Kay. So this koala person emailed me “ur email is never shown to the public!” And wuz like “hey wanna collab” I got freaked out cuz they got my email! How do u delete an account?


can you send a screenshot


Um I deleted their mail but if it happens again I will


I don’t see a public email anywhere on your account so far… You still might want to check and make sure it is safe.


They probably replied to you through email lol

they don’t have your email


I did check. It’s still like “never shown to the public”
And the hs team wouldn’t wanna collab with me, their
Name started with “koala” but I was so freaked out I deleted the
Email right away




YES! That’s it. I think. How did u know


I know that person


Oh. Well I’m sure they emailed me cuz so many people replied to my
Posts before and it was never in my email only that was.


Koala said this in one of your topics:


That’s weird. It was in my email.


Did it look kinda like this? These are email notifications. You can turn them off in the forum settings.


Yeah it looked like that


Ok. The forum itself is emailing you, not a random person. It does that occasionally unless you disable it in the user preferences.


I just turned it off, thx!


not me, i don’t use the word “koala” in my real email account. i dont know, what did it look like

i would never intentianoly email someone something…


Yea it’s the forum like Jedi4Jesus said. I had it on for awhile but then it got annoying and turned it off


It’s supposed to do that…


Yeah, it’s just email notifications, which I get every day. Although, it might trick you a little bit.