Someone, don't care who, answer my question!


Some times lan will put something up on someone's question, and I will have a question for him, but, you need to put an @ and then their name so they will get notified, but lan has this shield icon emoji thing at the end of his name. Where do I find this on my keyboard so I can ask him a question?


You don't need the shield icon at the end of his name. You can just type @Ian. It will work! The shield icon represents he is an admin.


Ok, @Berrymelon! Thanks!


No problem, @Hoppertoscotch!




At least now I know it works, you're getting notified right now, right @lan?!?


I don't think it works when I put something next to your name. How about this time, @lan ?


@ian haha love the vid (sorry if it's not related, plz don't flag me, il just delete it or edit it)


nope, sorry @Hoppertoscotch

While typing @Ian a little bubble will appear above the name. Make sure you select me, otherwise I don't get notified.


The thing is, you don't pop up in the bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!


When you type in @, there should be a list that pops up above your reply. Click the name you want. If you can't find the name of Ian, then type in an I and click on his name. There should be a small rectangle around his name on the right side of your reply box. The right side is gonna show you how it will looks like if you post it.


Or if you start typing @ian and then press Enter when his name is highlighted, it will fill it in for you :smiley: You have to wait a bit, sometimes, before the names pop up in the bubbles