Someone Collab?



Does Someone Wants To Collab?
I really dont care what we gonna make
But i like games!
Check out my account: TheCodeBase🤔™


I could collab with you.
I,llcheck out you projects later.
I'm currently interested in games where you preplannand watch the outcome instead of games where you tap the screen constantly
Going to wash car now. I'll be back in aprox 2 hrs.


Okay, it would be nice to collab


Here now, waiting for you.
The way I collab is
We first discuss what we are going to make.
Who's doing what.
Then we take turns working on the game and publish a link for the other person to download and continue working.
And we use our own accounts to code and publish, not a joint account.
I'll wait for your reply and ideas for a game to work together on.


That's a nice way to collab!
I thought maybe a strategy game?
I could make a background and the characters and you maybe the story?
We can both work on the coding.


Sounds great!
Just need more details.
Like is it 2 player etc


A Single Player game, with questions that are changing the story!
like: What are you gonna do: Run, Fight or Scream.
With a cool adventure theme!


is this like the choose your own adventure novels?


yes, but in Hopscotch,
Do you like it?


I like the idea.
Have you seen the doll Slappy on the goosebumps tv series that comes to life and attacks some kids then the family?
What do you think of playing as a girl being chased by slappy and you move from room to room and around the house to hide and escape from Slappy. You could occasionally attack to slow Slappy down.


Yes, That's sounds amazing!


I'm going to sleep soon.
If you make a start and place a link on here i can see your work and help out and we can discuss more tomorrow at this time.

You know the escape the room tutorial . Imagine you are moving objects/furniture to hide your character from slappy and finding items to fight/solve puzzles and access other areas of the house


I'm gonna start with an start button with some scary things!
And an intro!


Great chat with you tomorrow at this time.


Here is the link! @Stradyvarious


Hi i am chill and cool,
and i was wondering if i can join this someone collab.
If one of you guys are glitching out on the proget tell me what to do and i will do it for you! :muscle: :relaxed:


if you let me join plz give me username and password. i will write it down so i don't forget! :sunglasses:


Hi @chillandcool9
Of course you may join @Nas-Studio & @Stradyvarious!
But we are not on an account.
We are both on ourself and we are sharing the links!
You can do that too!


YAY! thank you. I'm so happy



Is my name on hopscotch