Someone changed a username, and now I can't get in!



I need help! I made an account that everyone could go onto, and I said don't change the name, but someone did! I tried going in, but I couldn't. Someone please help!


If you follow that account on your personal one then just check out who's username you don't recognize in you 'following' tab! If you don't follow that account search for one of the projects that you know were made on it and check the username... :wink: Then log on using that username and change the username back to the original one!


Thanks, I tried that but it didn't work.


That's the problem with guest accounts. Anyone can log on and change whatever they want.


Never mind, I think I just typed the name wrong the first time! I got in, changed it back to normal, and now it's all normal again. P.S. You guys can go on it if you would like! Username: Phoenix Power Password: Pheonix Power
Phoenix is supposed to be spelled wrong in the password