Someone block me


Delicious Daniel iOS iPad.

I was using hopstoch but I looked at my projects and there was only 1 like(mine). I asked my friend to check my projects but he couldn’t see it. I love hopstoch I want to let people see my projects. Pleas fix this otherwise I will :sob:.


Sometimes projects get stuck in the filter, so other people cannot see them, and sometimes, when you search for a username, it doesn’t come up. Try to ask him or her to search again, and if still nothing comes up, wait a little bit and try again. I know how frustrating these things can be, but try to stay calm. :slight_smile:


Unpublish the project. Then search for words that could be blocked and publish it again.


This happened with my project Smoothie Maker. It took me weeks to make and no one was liking it! I posted a similar topic to yours saying no one could see my project. People said it may be stuck in the hopscotch filter. The filter is something that gets rid of innopropriote projects. But since it’s a robot, It can get some things wrong. You just need to email the hopscotch team telling them your username and your projects name. They can get it out for you!


But this happened with multiple projects. If you look at my profile, if you can see it, you will see that the last project was like 7 weeks ago. I’m soooo jealous how my friends can play hopstoch but whenever I publish a project I can see it in my published but no body else can. I still use hopstoch for school projects though😃


Also I sent the hopstoch team via the help button in hopstoch but I don’t think they have replied.


You must have the beta on another device then.
I’m pretty sure it’ll fix when Hopscotch updates.

Publish using the beta.


I can see a couple of projects on your profile, although I’m not sure if it’s the right profile. Can you post a link to any of your projects?



Ok, but I’m not going to stop playing hopstoch!


This could be true that he blocked me.But I admit that I made a ihatetherealfunkyclub. That’s because he calls people punks. I just want to play hopstoch again and let people see my projects.



The link is a project that was made by my friend


Re install Hopscoctch.

My sleeping is terrible.

And so is autpvotyescg.