someElephant's general topic 🐘🌿


Hello all. This is my general topic, so welcome! I will post my projects in here and I will also ask for help. :)

Please do come and have a chat. Feel free to talk about anything here! Please remember to not be mean/inappropriate. :)

Do call me 'Elly', my nickname. @treefrogstudios thought of it. :)

Let the general topic COMMENCE!


Hi! What's your HS name?
How many features do u have?
If no features, what would be your reaction?


I hope this answered your questions, @DragonMc :)


these are my reactions to your answers.


You need a nickname on this account...

Elly? Short for "elephant?"

it's good enough woot woot

Hi Elly :stuck_out_tongue:




Hello, @treefrogstudios!
I like the nickname Elly. I will add that into my bio, with credit. Would you like to re-become friends? (We are friends in my other account, also. Please don't try to guess/assume who I am :])


Are we friends ok your other account?

You seem really great and nice, can we be friends now? :D


I don't think we talked much, but, yeah, sure! :)

Thank you for the likes, by the way :)


Yup, okay Elly-fren :stuck_out_tongue:

I won't guess who you are! If we're friends we're friends on any account! :D


Hi @someElephant! :D

May I just say, I love your username!

Elephants are amazing ;u;


@treefrogstudios, please do check my bio!
@BerryFOX, really? Have I found a fellow companion to express my love for elephants? :) Oh, thank you for your compliment. I like your username very much!


Thanks :33


No problem!


Yes, it appears you have. :)


This is amazing! What are you favourite elephants?


I love African elephants! How about you?

Sorry for the late reply, I was taking my dogs for a walk. ):



You're breaking an OMTL guideline, btw.


And which one is that?


Put the list in the first post, or the one to bring attention to It's annoying to scroll up just to see what the user wanted you to see, so if you're bringing attention to the topic, put it in the first post