Somebody Help! Random Remix


I got a random remix, and I have no idea why it was on my project.

I've never been named 'Kittens' and then other people replied, with very interesting replies... :disappointed:

It says 'take her down' and I don't know why... I've never RPed before!
I tagged these people because they've helped me before... If you think you can help please reply!! :fearful:

And no, this is NOT a social experiment.... :sob:


They might be talking to someone else...? :0
That's strange...


I'm thinking someone named kittens remixed your project and did something bad. My theory.


I don't remember any RPs in my remixes... :disappointed:


Hmm... That's so weird.


I don't understand what the problem is but I'll be glad to help!:stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my!

I think somone was remixing Kittens project. Their project may have been a remix from you, so they remixed her remix of you, so it showed up in your remixes!

Don't worry about, no one is going to take you down!

I've had a situation similar to this, it turned out fine. Don't worry about it! :wink:


They are very mean. Apparently they are threatening you. But anyway, I don't think you ever did anything bad and that The Hopscotch Team will NOT delete or suspend your account!