Some very bad confessions u need to ban me


I feel so guilty. Sooooo guilty. Idk how to word this. But I know the people involved are gonna lie about this. But I'm asking you to believe me. Remember that time I accused HFB about communicating outside the forum? Well, he messaged me later and told me he would confess when he thought it was time. I don't think he has yet. He has a musically and hopscotchers follow him. It's a personal. Friendship said that someone requested to follow her. Well, her account ISNT PRIVATE. She requested to follow ME but I don't let her. She messages me and I message back sometimes. This info might be wrong. But please. Do what you need to.


I'm so terrible. And okay HFB I haven't been on for me to tell the truth


Uh friendship and HFB are having a problem with messaging right now...I'm going to tag @Kiwicute2016 to let her know abt this​:wink:


So she can suspend me


I'm NOT recycling this because I need to be suspended


No No No you should not be suspended at all...I just think she should see this just in case she needs more info about a another person not you​:wink:


Well I need to because you had communication outside the forum and u got suspended


@GracefulIcing1 you don't people make long as you recognize your mistake and you won't do it again then your fine​:wink:


Why so you can stay out of trouble


No I allready told the mod's I just don't want it on the public yet.

Even Liza knows I think


Yea @Huggingfluffybear you have already been told to and your still doing it so she needs to know


I never said that someone requested to follow me, I said someone requested to follow HFB!


I'm sorry I need to tell the truth. :wink:


Good job! Your such a loyal person​:wink:


No.... Anyways we message each other


You message me why are you saying that? I sometimes message you


Sometimes?! Wow thanks for totally trashing me


What?! I stopped talking!!!

Just today but I did!


I don't really think this is a confession I really just think this is gossip :T


I didn't want the whole forum knowing I got suspended but you told everyone it's fine just let her see this plus kiwi can see deleted post​:grin: