Some update suggestions!


I know there are other topics like this, but I wanted to make my own! If you'd like, I will recycle it, or ask to have it closed.
Anyways, here are some suggestions of mine:


Okay, this is something I've wanted for a while, but I don't know if they could do it. Saved values would be a value that is saved forever. Let's say you had a saved value called "WorldWideScore" that showed the highest score on the game ever, and if a value called "Score" which was your score was higher than the "WorldWideScore" then the saved value would increase to your score u till somebody beat it.

Let's say you coded a flappy bird game and had the saved value "WorldWideScore" again, the "WorldWideScore" value was set to 5 and you make it to 7, now the "WorldWideScore" value is 7. The next day, your friend plays it and gets a score of ten, the "WorldWideScore" value would now be set to ten,

Why it would be useful
Well, this feature would allow the ability to make World Wide High Scores, in tapper games, a Total Money Earned By Everybody value, and even amount of times the game has been won or lost.

A When Like is tapped When

This would be a when that would happen as soon as the project started if the project had been liked.

Let's say you made a tapper game and wanted to give an extra feature if the project had been liked, as a reward for being kind. You could add code that increases the "$" value by 100 if it had been liked.

Why this would be useful
This would be useful to give a reward in-game to anybody who liked the project and played it. Likes would have a whole new meaning.

An isn't option on the when blocks

This would basically be an option to make a when say isn't or is.

Let's say you need to make it so when something isn't tapped, you win, to do that you would make a new rule and choose "is tapped", the is in is tapped would be a block, you could drag out the is block, and drag in an isn't block.

Why this is useful
This would save a lot of time. To make something not pressed, you have to make a value that's always increasing and when you tap it it sets to zero. You make a rule When "Value" > 5 then you run the code, it would be a lot easier to have an isn't option instead.

That's all the suggestions I have for now! I may add more later :smiley:


Cool! These are really awesome suggestions! :slight_smile:


I think that we should also able to see how many followers we have and how many people we followed! And there should be a name list of who they are. That would be really cool!:wink:


And we should be able to use a like for each project every day!


I also have a suggestion of a block that's like 'increase speed' by a number




I think there should be more sounds so people can make awesome music.


Yes! I think a lot of people want that. I think maybe we could have it to where only we could see them, because there might be a casenario like this:

New Random Hop: I want to check out this profile!

New Random Hop: Wow! This person has 134,684,467 followers! How many do I have? I'll go check!

(Okay I just made up a number)

New Random Hop: Oh. It would take forever to get where that person is, and I don't know how to code yet, because in this story that was made up I'm new to coding!

Yes! I think that a saved value would be awesome! Except I don't really get the deleted remixes one. Isn't that just like unpublishing it, or do I just not understand? Yes! I think that the when like is tapped thing is great! But, what if the viewer likes it after they play it?

I still think these are all great ideas! Nice thoughts. :)


You can delete remixes already, just unpublished them....


This is very awesome suggestions! It will also be great if we can see how many remixes we have, as we could in older updates.


The deleting remixes is unpublishing remixes, which you can't currently do.


Oh, ok. Whoops! I'd better delete that.


Thanks! You are so Awesome!


That would be amazing! I've always wanted that to


What is? I didn't put in any suggestions myself really... XD


If they liked it after then they wouldn't get the thing, but if they played it later they would :smiley:


Sorry, I replied to the wrong person XD


That would be super useful too! It would save a lot of time!


That would be awesome! Then you could try to follow everyone that followed you!


That would be awesome! The only problem is they would probably like their project every day and that wouldn't really be fair.