Some Topic Suggestions :)




I've noticed that they've finally added categories to the forum to organize more! :smiley:

Scrolls through the help w/ code category, looking for people who need help with code

Sees random topics that don't actually need help with code

Ohh... No other category? :stuck_out_tongue:

My Suggestion

Maybe we could put random topics, these types of topics or general topics in the more useless (in my opinion) collabs category, so people who need help with something in their project get it faster! :slight_smile:

Do you agree?

(This poll is completely anonymous!)

  • Yes

  • No


The Forum Clean-Up Crew!

Hai, I agree with you @Rawrbear!


I agree because

#lounge is for Regs+...
#bugs and #help are important ones that should be easy to navigate, especially bugs.


I agree! Collabs isn't completely useless, but it is not a huge category. :blush:


I liek it in Help with Code because tradition, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


That's true, it'd be hard to pull out the old ones :stuck_out_tongue: