Some Tips For Getting Featured


So, there are some people on the forum who are whining about how they are not getting featured and/or how to get featured. I used to be like that, until I got a Feature. Here are my tips for getting featured.

Advertising/ Marketing
In order to get featured, your project has to be noticed. It can be noticed by other users and to help get the word to THT. Using the Nominations For Featured topic really helps. I posted my project on there, and other forumers liked my post and @Sweetlina 2nd my nomination. Thanks for that @Sweetlina.:grinning: So basically, my project was noticed by other users, and THT.

I've also opened up an advertising topic. Notice how on both of my "Nominations For Featured" post and my Marketing topic was written. I advertised so it looked like it was very well done and professional. I made by self seem like a very strong coder and I tried to advertise like big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. I used words like "Groundbreaking" , "Best", and "Engineered" to make it seem more cooler.

The Project Itself
If you advertise something perfectly, you can make nothing seem like something. When you nominate something for featured or you think it's Feature- worthy, you want to make sure it is the following:

  • Original or gives credit

Copy- Cats aren't cool at all and should not be featured. Having something more original gives you more credibility and if someone finds out, your not in a good situation. It's embarrassing to have something that gets that much fame and then someone realizes you didn't do the work and then your known as a copy- cater.

  • If its high quality enough

If something's original, awesome. But it also has to be high quality. Like something you would show to someone to persuade to join Hopscotch. To make your project high quality, I suggest NOT using emojis. When you use emojis and you make them bigger, it makes it seems more pixelated. Try doing trail art. It might be your new Hopscotch skill.

When you want your project in Featured, don't try to beg. Begging makes you seem less Experienced and people won't want to nominate your project. Getting likes out of pity isn't that cool. I mean, if everybody on the Forum was doing that and getting featured, we would probably get Hundreds of features a day. That may be exaggerated, but you can maybe get my point. Begging is just not how everything runs and works.

Instead, you can just ask people to check out your project or ask people who have a topic for asking them to play some games and suggest them yours. Maybe try nominating your project on the Nominations For Featured topic works very well.

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Wow, this is perfect! So many people ask me how to get featured, and from now on, I'll tell them to read this topic! You said it so well!


Wow. This topik is amazing! I was creating one and then got bored, s I just left it for a million years XD

I get featured this way. Though, one of my projects got on featured that wasn't even nominated. :DD

THT notices your reject on the Nominations for Featured topic and check out your profile so that they can ind an even greater project to feature. This strategy is great and smart for the hopscotch team to use XD


I agree with so many of the things you mentioned


Amazing tips! I never thought of advertising our projects like real companies would. That is a great idea!


Great topic!!

Jus 22nd like :tada:


Perfect! Now whenever someone asks why they aren't getting featured, I'll just copy and paste this topic! :D I think I just gave you "Good Topic."


This topic is really great!! :laughing:


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