Some things that has happened so far in school, effecting Hopscotch


Hi! So as you might probably not know, I started school Wednesday. Yeah. 6th grade. But 5th is starting middle school where I come from. So I am in band. I have clarinet. That takes time away. So does homework. Also, I almost broke my skull today. We were with our pod, and these two people tried to pull my chair out from under me. And they're like, oh sorry! Are you sitting there? And then they laughed and I got super embarrassed.


That's super duper sad :frowning:


Oh no! That's sad D:

Will this effect hopscotch? ....

Wait weird me of course it will

Omigosh XD


Oh my gosh ;-;
That is super sad ;-;

I can't believe people would do things like that!

I hope you have better time at school!


Same! 5th grade =middle school! XD
I'm sorry that you got hurt, I just really dislike it when they do that


I also started middle school in 5th grade, and I can completely see why this will effect hopscotch. I mean, almost breaking your skull is a big deal, and I'm really sorry that happened. And I think most of us will have to reduce our HS time once school resumes