Some shoutouts for frens and others come view!


@Zachyswag For always having my back and always being nice to me ur very good person I can't even describe how nice u are too me

@Paige1212 for making me laugh and liking my post

@benny29 for being the best b.f ever ( don't flag it's true)

@MiNi for talking to me all the time

@Ella_13 for helping me a lot

@MrHotdog64 ur funny

@Cash for being my best frend

@Refugeecat123 ur always happy

@shamrockcat For also being my friend

@kvj for encouraging me

@liza for being the best owner ever


:wink: I didn't know I was that nice to you! I mean, you said that you were gonna leave before, and even though you get flagged sometimes, you're a good person and you should stay here!


How are u not nice to me u always make me smile


By that, I meant I didn't know I was so nice that you can't even describe it!

I mean, wow!



Wow im getting a lot of support recently,

Thanks everyone :D

it makes my day!


Aww!!!!! That means so much you made my day!!! :DDDDD


Cries. Is not tagged :cry:


Aww ur sooooo sweet!
And thx @EmojiArts!!
This just made my day!


Oh wow! Ummm, Thanks!


Tysm! :smiley: :smiley: