Some sad really sad news


I'm gonna quit hopscotch. It's been great but I have a computer. I'm not quitting the forum and my computer needs Internet but when I get scratch I'm lea.ving. It's been a great time on hopscotch.


I'm so sorry to hear that. We'll all miss you :cry:


Su yu dunt hav hupscotch bt yu hav teh forum?


But happy news. I will always be on the forum


Ok :D

I respect your decision :D
Glad you will still have the forum!


Yeah scratch there isn't a feature so that's why


Col! Thunks fr stuying!


Yeah I'm going to have my coding hotel for hopscotch and the forum but I won't be signed in for hopscotch


Goodbye with Hopscotch, Megaman. ;-;
It's your decision, but have fun with Scratch!

Yey, you'll still be on the forum. :D


Bye! Have fun using Scratch. Good thing you're still on the forum tho!


Hey I'm not leaving yet. My computer has no internet


And I'll still have the app for making coding hotel accounts


Ok any leaders here. You need to sell this topic I'm not leaving hopscotch. But I am leaving my account my friend pokedude30 are going to share an account with lots of people


It's called poke team. My name right now is Mr awesome but two honor me I will name it megaman3


Bai, also u will like scratch for like a month and then find it boring and go eat a potato


Ok kool


It's like you've read nothing. So I'm retiring because I am bored of hopscotch. I will probably be on a computer most of the time because this iPad is stupi.d. I should have gotten hopscotch a long time ago. But I'm staying so I can share an account with my freind


Oh, good! I'm glad to hear that!


Thanks you guys. You're awesome


Dat was a bit rude ._.