Some random memes I found (use em in Projects if you like)



Go ahead, use them.


Hey @DiamondSamuraiREAL, please keep all topics related to coding or creativity. Unfortunately random topics like these aren’t allowed.

Would you like to recycle this?


This isn’t realated to hopscotch (no offense)
(I know I’m not the one to say that but…)

Nooo I thought I would get first reply!


This topic is off topic, but the first meme is the funniest!


The second one is a NoRMiE


@MR.GAM3R, I only intend for these pictures to be used in projects.

Now, I understand your ai thinks it should go ahead and enforce the rules, but I checked, and I seem to be the only target. Now, i hope this post inspires you, as well as many others, to fight the topics that are as “dangerous” as my off-topic ones.

Have a nice day


Lol the first one.
That happens to me all the time