Some questions about ip plz!


Leaders and mods, my mom wants to know if you know exactly our ip Or just the state. Thanks


(Sorry my mom wants to know)


I'm pretty sure they can see your exact IP ad.ress. :)
They were given moderator because they were trusted, they won't do anything bad with it. :0


Do if you made a account then crazily made random comments until you were banned they would know who you are


Ya I think so too;)


I wouldn't. My mom just wants to make sure no one does that and blames it on me and j get in trouble #moms


I knew you wouldn't lol


I'm not that bad.XD


You aren't bad at all tho


Ok we can do this kn talk to a hopscotcher so let's GBOT (yeah i am sort of bad)


@murphy1 you can see your ip in in settings app of the iPad


So you could change it :open_mouth:


They can but they will keep it secret


VPN is one way to change it tho


They why'd one time the hacker they got the IP addres.s and said it was someone in Texas


Huh okay


Just another question:

So do IPs vary according to device, so each device has its own IP?

I think it's thar, but school doesn't teach stuff like this.



I think it's by location.


Only moderators can see. :wink:

And don't worry- they aren't allowed to track anybody down. :D<hi

And to be safe, don't share it with anybody!


@BuildASnowman can you answer the 2 questions?


It depends on what you are talking about when you say "IP"
The main things you have are an IPv4, IPv6, and MAC address. IPv4 is probably what you are used to seeing - and what we can see. That depends on your router. So every device in your house, as long as it is connected to the same internet, has the same IPv4. MAC address's, on the other hand, are specific to your device and your device only.