Some Q&A Anyone? :3



Hey guyss :3333

Doing a Q&A today and

forever always

So... Ask me questions! Not inappropriate ones, though. Okay? I will answer what I want to. :slightly_smiling:


Potato or Newt?

(looks around)

What? XD


When did you start liking art?

What inspires you?

Do you like tigers?

What's your opinion on koala rights?

What's relaxing for you?


Code music or code a simulator


I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but...


1. Literally 5 years old. I always loved to draw, and my parents encourage it :smiley:
2. My music and my peers. Also those I look up to.
4. Koalas are treated like animals because they are, but we are too, so I believe it is okay for a koala to use human bathrooms.
5. My music and screaming. Also meditation.
@Sugarisyummy I prefer the stimulator. I can make music in real life, but with the limited supply of notes I have in Hopscotch, it is harder.


Are you okay LP? XD

[size=4]I'm working with you on HF. I know you're not okay XD[/size]


Yeah.. I would prefer music its hard with the limited supply on my may the force be with you I had to use high c instead of high d


What do you do out of hopscotch that you think we don't know about you?

And to make sure it is on topic,
Have you ever done anything on hopscotch referring to it?


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Well, I don't think ppl know I play trumpet! I have a test on a piece tomorrow ;-;
No, I don't think so...
@seawolfwerehorse I would just close my eyes, smile and then the next day probably ignore them. I'm not violent.


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Passive, I guess. Sometimes I get impulsive :stuck_out_tongue:


When your originality is incredible...

but seriously though, the bandwagon is real


When you started HS, who did you look up to, what were your favorite kind of projects?
What about now?


What? What's bandwagony about it? What's not original? :confused:


Koala rights->Giraffe rights
(No offense)


Potato rights

Okay, BOT!


Good luck! I played alto sax for three months and I got a solo! I love the alto sax.


What? Giraffe rights? Where's that from? I've never seen that... :confused:


I really liked OS when I started. She was on a couple weeks before me... And I liked coding. Sometimes got annoyed with art. But now? I love oio and Rawrbear. I like all projects except for remixes. Bad remixes.


All potatoes should have rights, as long as I end up eating them in the end. :wink: