Some projects got deleted from Featured!


I noticed some projects get deleted from featured?! Like my geometry parkour? That is so unfair!


True people stop being angry that your friends project or any other hopscotches project is deleted it's unfair!

@Liza I think we shouldn't be able to delete things from futered because anyone can do that!


Did My Dounut Maker? You Can Find It Somewhere In The Bottom Of Featured.


sometimes they go off in a few weeks.


I agree that it is unfair because most projects stay on Featured for a long time. They're supposed to just keep moving down a more projects are added. I wonder why your Geometry Parkour got deleted?


I Think It's Deleted Because It Had Too Many Likes Or Plays.


Laser snake is on featured and it had 4800 likes last I looked


Don't let it bother you.

This happened to me, just a few minutes after something I made appeared on "featured". Suddenly, it just vanished! It made me wrinkle my nose a little, but not upset. It was the thing that makes a bunch of "3D" waves move around, changing the viewing angle when you tilt the iPad, so as to make it look like it had 3 real spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension. Four "dimensions", so i named it accordingly. It was kinda tricky to make.

It went from being "featured" to vanishing and being ridiculed by some kid who thought it was improper for me to say "4D", lecturing me in a very snarky remix, ignorant of the fact that I am, in real life, a mathematician and a physicist. Priceless.

Meh... I think I'll live. :sunglasses:


I can relate

My project Grave Runners was featured about a month ago. During the days after it got featured, I would check my my phone at its progress. One time, when I was checking my projects progress on the phone, I noticed it wasn't there... I rushed to my iPad to make sure it wasn't deleted... and to me relief it has still there.

Maybe the Hopscotch team accidentally fetured your project. I would email them if you're really concerned about it.