Some projects are hidden from view everywhere except for featured, and remixes do not show up in the remixes of my projects tab


Continuing the discussion from Nominations for Featured 2!: I emailed tht about this on Monday but I don’t think they got it.

At least Three projects are in the filter but still show up on featured. My two were put in the filter somehow on Sunday, which was a couple days – a week after they were published.
It only seems to have happened to me and @Awesome_E.


Nominations for Featured 2!

Also a big deal
@Ana @Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo


it’s fixed. The problem is that those projects are so visible that random people will flag them. Then if they get too many flags they’re auto-removed from the community. Featured will still show them but they disappear in other spots.


Did you make it so Featured projects can’t get flagged?


Instead of a certain number of flags, how about this:

  • Auto-remove the project if over 50% of plays flag it, with each flag coming from a different person


Okay, thank you for clearing this up! What about making something like that flagging system here on the forum to avoid confusion? Upon opening a “flagged” project that you haven’t checked yet, the Hopscotcher who plays the project could be greeted with a screen like “Sensitive content may be ahead - some users have marked this project as inappropriate. To continue, ask a parent” and then a parent or guardian would have to give permission. That’s just a suggestion.