Some people use hopscotch in the wrong way!



I feel that some people aren't using hopscotch correctly. Hopscotch is supposed to be a great place to learn how to code and play other people's games, but I feel that some people just play. Nothing else. It's cool if you play games, don't get me wrong, I play a lot of games, but at least I do something. Others, they just play. If they want to play, they can go online. I'm just so annoyed with those people. I don't even know why. It just doesn't feel right that some people are like "huh, lemme play some hopscotch. Whoa, see code. What does that mean? What's coding anyway?" I just feel... annoyed. I don't know why. Anyone else agree? Disagree? Anything??
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they don't have to code! there is nothing bad about just playing!


I agree! I feel like there are people who just remix stuff from people and never really make their own stuff. They think Hopscotch is social media. But really, it's a place to learn and have fun learning. I am glad someone else shares my convictions!


I believe that they should actually try creating projects, instead of just remixing others! It can get really annoying when all that pops up is "***** shared your project" Like all day! They should learn something, instead of playing and playing, and not even exploring the fun side of Hopscotch! Which is creating! :rage:


True...I can't like so :heart:


remixed 2020202020


I agree. I know some people just remix, but what wrong with only remixing and playing projects?


Well here is something that people do on hopscotch and they are using it the wrong way: chat about personal life, talk with friends, or talk about anything non hopscotch related. There is nothing wrong with just playing


Yeah... People say Hopscotch is a chatroom.


I think it is okay if people can play, but they should at try to code some projects, and not consistently remix games with their high scores


They can play games like @AHappyCoder said and some people might not have an iPad to code on in hopscotch.


I mean that's what some people do. But I think you are looking at it at a different perspective. What I see is that some people play others' games. Yes, for fun, but they are also learning, what if that project inspires them? What if it makes them realize something and take a huge step? Wouldn't you want that to happen to someone? Hopscotch can be used many ways. Code is the main thing, but it isn't necessarily the only thing that makes hopscotch a community.


Nothing's wrong with that, but only playing is annoying. They can just go on some website to just play, and if they can't find anything they like, they can learn to code and make their own things!


your mad at people playing? hopscotch is an app for entertainment. You do know this right? Some people play all the time and thats ok, I dont do that but I just feel its more fun to make the games than play them. Others not so much. Really hopscotch is for kids of all ages and some of those ages include young kids who play and not make. Others are the old pros (me included) who are like the wise wizards that are here to guide the new members who want to code. If your mad that some people play your projects or copy them and add one little thing dont be. Most of the time they get less likes and whatnot than you do. But if you respond to them then your followers know that. Dont respond. if you do your followers see your pain and look at the copy themselves. Furthering the fakes likes and views. People learn at differant paces and if you get really mad just copyright your projects. Ive copyrighted my chickie quest games when I released my chickie quest game for sale on my website. So, if your using my "beta" for the game I can legally sue you for it. ANyways, people get hopscotch for differant things, If they use it for just games then they are missing out on coding.


I agree. Hopscotch is meant to make games. But you do have to play some games. Just don't always play games. Make your own, be creative!


you do know your telling people its not ok to play games all the time on an app that has games on it right?


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YES! same here! Most even play when the teacher talks, or even walking through the halls! I've seen iPads break that way!


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so you are anti-iphone app?